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Aluminium Mounting Kit- £45.00 each

This mounting kit is ideal for all Solar Afloat Panels and/or other panels. Kit allows you to secure panel to the boat roof (metal vessels) and tip panels during darker months for extra energy yield.



Kit Includes: 4 aluminium securing brackets, 2 aluminium tipping arms, Aluminium panel brackets, Tech screws, Bolts and fitting instructions/advice sheet.


(Please note this Mounting Kit requires drilling 2 or 4 holes into vessel roof, fitting instructions provided).

Tipped for extra energy yield but still secure in all weather conditions.

How low can you go… panel is secured flat, low to the roof with no unsightly brackets obstructing view when moving.

Once brackets are fitted panels can be secured with bolts provided or with padlocks (padlocks not included in kit)… this ensures panels have good security but can still be tipped in darker months.