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Solar Afloat was formed in 2011. It is a business that aims to provide fellow boaters, caravan  and motor home users with the benefits of solar energy.


Solar Afloat is ran on board ‘Plum’ narrow boat. Owners Julia and John Plummer have been boating for over 10 years and have over 10 years of experience with solar energy. Being permanent live a boards enables Solar Afloat to travel Britain’s waterways all year round, allowing the public to see the available products working and providing energy.


Being experienced boaters we are confident in providing reliable advice and support during your solar project.


Our boating knowledge means we are aware of the specific energy requirements of boats and of boaters needs. Solar Afloat is a registered distributor of British manufactured Solar Panels.  We also sell a variety of controllers depending on your specific power requirements and price range.


When visiting solar afloat you also have the opportunity to purchase mounting kits (made to measure) for your panel. These mounting kits allow you to secure your panels to the roof and tipped for extra energy yield during the darker months.


Why not come and visit us onboard Solar Afloat. We are happy to show you our products and offer you any advice on your future solar project. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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